When this happens you’re not only losing money and additional time with insurance claims. That is, if you could even find insurance coverage to pay for the damage.  You risk liabilities that are not covered by your standard home owner’s insurance policy because the property is no longer occupied. These uncovered losses can be just a drop in the bucket compared to the law suits you could face if someone gets injured on your vacant property.

There are tons of things on a property that command your attention. When you can’t be there to keep a proper eye on it, your asset can quickly turn into a liability & become nearly impossible to sell.

Even if your friendly neighbor has agreed to keep an eye on your property, you certainly wouldn’t want to risk them running into a group of unscrupulous thieves.

If your property is sitting vacant, time is of the essence.

At BirmingHome we come to sales agreements quickly and close even faster. In many cases we can pay cash for your property. We close without any restrictions and approval processes from lending institutions. 

So you can put your worries to rest and move on with your life.

If you have already moved out of your home or live outside of the area, your life is probably too busy to manage a vacant property. You are not alone. Handling a property like that can be extremely difficult and risky.

In many areas, thieves target vacant properties, stealing valuable copper piping and wires, air conditioners, heating systems, and even vandalize the property when they’re done.