When you don’t have the time or means to repair the property before listing it for sale, the home can become unmarketable.

With lending standards as tight as they are, if you have even so much as a ripped window screen, you may be "written up" by the home inspector.

If the city or county red-tags your house, you can be subject to fines or could lose the property altogether if you don’t take care of the problems.

If you are in that situation, don’t despair – you are not alone!

Let your fixer-upper be our burden.

We are in a position to quickly pay you cash for your property and assume the repairs. 

Why not get started today and see if your property qualifies for our buying criteria?

If your property needs repairs, you may know that it is much harder to sell in this market. Sometimes it can even be impossible to find a buyer, because lenders will not approve a loan on real estate that needs excessive repairs or is not to code.

More often than not, qualified buyers are simply picky, because they have so many properties to choose from.

your property needs repairs or has code violations