For our investors, with the protection of real estate, we have created a variety of different investment programs which they can use to “park” their funds and still have the same flexible access. They're free to choose the time commitment that fits their needs and comfort level.

In fact, many of our investment partners and clients urge us to keep their money after an investment has run its course and is ready to be repaid. And because we are planning ahead, actively analyzing new investments all the time, we can meet their needs should they wish to remain invested.

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Most people who invest in CD’s and other comparable investment vehicles do so because they wish to have access to the invested funds, should an unforeseen need arise.

We feel that the requirement for security and flexibility should not deprive our investors of getting the respectable returns on their investments which meet their goals for cash flow and growth.

To us, a worthwhile investment isn’t just keeping up with inflation, it's maximizing returns in order to build our investors' future, providing them and their loved ones with the true fruits of their labor.