Our clients and investing partners enjoy a variety of structured investments that allow them to plan ahead yet have access to their funds at closing if desired. 

All that with significantly higher returns than traditional “cash investments”.

At the same time, our clients' investments will always be secured by real estate with an insurance policy, making it much safer than investing money in risky individual stocks and mutual funds. 

You don’t have to be a master day trader to get these high ROI’s and have a protected investment!

When it comes to real estate, we handle our investors' money in three ways:

The first is through residential fix-and-flip properties for short-term investors who desire a return on their investments within 4 months to a year.

The second is through residential rental properties for long-term investors who desire a monthly income from their investments.

The third is through purchase of shares in our investment pool in order for our investors to take advantage of the whole range of investment opportunities in our current portfolio.

And yes, our investors can use money from their IRA's to accumulate wealth through us that is tax deferred or in the case of a ROTH IRA, tax-free.

All IRA accounts are self-directed by their definition. One only needs to make sure they are currently using the services of the correct kind of IRA custodian who specializes in self-directed IRA's.

Contact us today for more detailed information about our investment packages. 


At the time of this writing, the average 1-year CD returns only 1.25% on your money, and you have to lock in your investment for 5 years to get a whopping 2.75% APY on average.

With inflation rates over the past 10 years hovering between 1.59% and 3.85% (yearly averages according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics), the return on your CD’s barely beats inflation (even in a “good year”).

And remember, you still don’t have immediate access to your funds when you need them, without getting slapped with penalties. This can further reduce your return on investment.