Our private investors invest for ownership within an entity that holds the real estate. They share in the profits and have documented ownership in the investment portfolio, which includes tax benefits as well. This type of “ownership investment” is secured in 3 ways – the deed to the property, property insurance and profit distributions.

When it comes to real estate, we handle our investors' money in three ways:

The first is through residential fix-and-flip properties for short-term investors who desire a return on their investments within 4 months to a year.

The second is through residential rental properties for long-term investors who desire a monthly income from their investments.

​The third is through purchase of shares in our investment pool in order for our investors to take advantage of the whole range of investment opportunities in our current portfolio.

And yes, our investors can use money from their IRA's to accumulate wealth through us that is tax deferred or in the case of a ROTH IRA, tax-free.

All IRA accounts are self-directed by their definition. One only needs to make sure they are currently using the services of the correct kind of IRA custodian who specializes in self-directed IRA's.

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Most peoples’ vision of investing in real estate is fraught with the burden of managing properties, dealing with repairs, evicting tenants and facing potential law suits. Other forms of real estate investing may involve negotiating bargain prices, managing large rehabs, and selling properties to end buyers.

Few people are ready to engage on this level and become “active” real estate investors. Most want their investments to be like parking a car – set it and forget it.

We offer passive investment opportunities with our real estate ventures on three different levels. All of them are passive, and all investments we engage in have to pass stringent qualifying criteria and due diligence.

Being experts in market trend analysis and knowing all the underlying data for each specific investment we choose, our investing partners and clients are so confident that many “park” their funds with us from one investment through the next for great returns on an ongoing basis.