Our goal is to balance our investors' need for a significant return on their investment while protecting them from any losses. That’s why our investment partners are excited about the possibilities we’ve opened up for them.

First, think about each of your current investments and consider two simple questions:

1. For any investment that is performing at less than 8%: “Can I afford to park these funds at low returns when I could get a better ROI with equal or less risk?”

2. For any higher performing investments: “Am I comfortable with the risk and effort of these investments when I could get a similar or greater ROI with less risk?”

Now is a great time to consider moving some of those investments into real estate and real estate notes with tax advantages and significantly higher returns on investment.

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So, you like real estate as an investment, but you're not sure which of your current investments you should move.

Sometimes, the true reason why all your funds are in traditional, low return or high risk investments is that the brokerage that holds your account does not offer any other types of investments. They don’t advise you on how to invest in real estate or real estate notes, because they cannot earn a commission on these types of investments.

Most private financial advisers recommend that you “re-balance your portfolio” on a regular basis, at least once per year. The good news is, you can start investing in the real estate market at any time.